Tough-Seal 22

Tough-Seal 22 is a tough and durable longer working time Potting Compound and Sealant with excellent Thermal Cycling Stability. This medium viscosity material is self-leveling and flows like honey around electrical components to ensure complete coverage of your entire PCB or electronic assembly.

Aggressive Adhesion

tough-seal label design

Tough-Seal 22 has a longer 60 minute working time and a Shore Hardness of 68A, which is similar to the hardness of a car tire. Tough-Seal 22 reaches 94% of its full hardness after an overnight cure or with a heat cure of 1 hour at 80°C  (176°F). Tough-Seal does not exotherm or shrink during curing, therefore there is no embedment stress induced on the electronic components that could cause damage and failure of the PCB or electronic assemblies. Sensitive electronics can be potted safely with low embedment stress Tough-Seal.

Key PR1200 Primer

With a high elongation of 225%  when fully cured, Tough-Seal 22 maintains exceptional flexibility and thermal cycling stability from –40°C  to 150°C (-40°F to 302°F) without pulling back, wilting, or cracking.  This ensures a tough seal that will stop moisture or other contaminants from damaging sensitive PCB’s and electronics.

Tough-Seal has very aggressive adhesion to aluminum, making it a perfect choice for potting aluminum housings especially in LED lighting applications.  Tough-seal bonds extremely well with most polymers.  For housing and wire insulation materials that are exceptionally difficult to bond to, we offer our KEY PR1200 PRIMER, an aggressive adhesive promoter that is simple to use.