Durable UV Resistant Exterior Clear Coating

Tough-coat E90-78

KEY TOUGH-COAT E90-78 is a low viscosity, one component, UV resistant polymeric water-based urethane coating with excellent thermal shock resistance and outstanding mar, abrasion and chemical resistance. This one component (1K) pre-catalyzed, self-crosslinking coating does not require pre-mixing/activation with a second component, minimizing waste.

With a 30 minute tack-free time regardless of ambient conditions, this coating is ideal for applications requiring multiple coats per day and for high output production demands. TOUGH-COAT E90-78 is quick-drying and ready for light use within an hour and full service use within 24 hours. The resulting coating is a full strength, tough and durable coating that makes it ideal for sealing and substrate protection. The water-based formula allows for easy solvent-free water clean-up.

Advantages & Applications

  • One Component, Self-Crosslinking
  • Low VOC
  • UV Resistant
  • Water-based formula
  • Low viscosity – self leveling
  • Wide curing temp range
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Outstanding mar and abrasion
  • Superb chemical resistance
  • Quick dry – multiple coats per day
  • Strong adhesion to wood & metal substrates
  • Easy solvent-free, water clean-up


Sheen: High Gloss @60°
Weight Per Gallon: 8.6 lb/gal
50-57 Sec at 77°F Zahn #2
4280 ft^2/gal
Shelf Life: 12 months
Weight Solids: 38%
Volume Solids: 37%
VOC: 182 g/l
VOC Content: 1.52 lb/gal
Storage:  40-100 °F
Boiling Point:  100 °C
Drying Time: 15min
Light Use: 24 hours

Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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