Key Polymer's TOUGH-SEAL™ TRP - SLIPSTOP: Keeps Drivers on Their Feet!

How To Apply SlipStop Traction Additive to Your Wooden Trailer Floor

When properly applied, Key Polymer Floor Restore has a slip characteristic similar to that of a new wooden floor. Traction can be increased by applying Floor Restore with the SlipStop Traction Additive to the entire trailer, or to the rear part of the trailer only.

Blending SLIPSTOP into Floor Restore:
  • Provides a surface with enhanced traction, similar to walking on a hard rubber surface.
  • Will help to reduce the incidence of driver, warehouse worker and customer slips and falls.

SlipStop is supplied in 2.5 pound containers, two per kit. Use two containers for a 48′ or 53′ trailer.


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