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Manufacturers of High Performance Specialty Adhesives and Coatings

Technical Leaders in Epoxy, Urethane, and Water based chemistries used in a wide range of applications/industries including Potting, Encapsulating, Industrial Adhesives, Floor Restoration, Infrastructure and Commercial Building Products

Manufacturers of custom High Performance Specialty Coatings

Specializing in water-based polymeric coatings, water-based acrylics, SBR’s, urethanes, styrene acrylates and vinyl acetate custom coatings for military, industrial, upholstery, automotive, filtration, and sound and light management applications

Manufacturer of Custom High Performance Specialty Adhesives, Finishes and Coatings

Technical leader in water-based acrylic, vinyl acetate, SBR and urethane polymers and specialty finishing chemistries for Transportation, Residential / Commercial upholstery, Outdoor Fabrics, Construction, HVAC Flex Duct and Consumer Product markets

Manufacturers of High-Performance Specialty Lubricants

SWEPCO manufactures a full line of greases, gear oils, engine and hydraulic oils. Since 1933, SWEPCO Lubricants have been reducing maintenance costs in demanding industries like mining, construction, steel, marine, agriculture, turf maintenance, and transportation