Tough-Seal Evaluation Kit

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In side-by-side testing, specifying engineers choose Tough-Seal over their existing potting compound. Tough-Seal Potting Compound is bulldog tough ~ Bred to grip and protect under the most aggressive conditions. Order your Tough-Seal Evaluation Kit today! Your Evaluation Kit will include everything you need to perform your own high quality product evaluation for your application.

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What’s Included

  • 3 x 50 mL Cartridges of Tough-Seal (Approx Coverage: 9 cubic inches)
  • 1 x 50 mL Manual Cartridge Dispenser
  • 6 x Static Mixers
  • 1 x Cured Tough-Seal Sample

tough seal kit

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Eliminate Hand Mixing with easy-to-use cartridges

Tough-Seal is Available in 50 & 400 mL Cartridges

Tough-Seal is available in two cartridge volumes:

  • 50 mL
  • 400 mL

Both manual and pneumatic cartridge dispensers are available in two volumes:

  • 50 mL
  • 400 mL

Benefits of cartridges over hand-mixing:

  • Ensure correct 2:1 mix ratio every time
  • Eliminate air bubble entrapment in your potted part
  • Improved mixing
  • Precision dispensing from static mixer
  • Reduce waste generated by hand mixing

Hand-held cartridge dispensers are perfect for applications requiring mobility.
Stand mounted, foot-pedal operated cartridge dispensers are available for hand-free applications, that require the operator to hold and move the part being potted.

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