Contract Manufacturing (Toll)

Key Polymer has the capability and capacity to function as your manufacturing partner.

We utilize your formulas to manufacture your products. From the purchasing and warehousing of raw materials, to the manufacturing, storage and shipping of finished goods,  we provide your company a ‘Turn KEY’ manufacturing operation.  To support our efforts we have:

  • Highly trained batch compounders, QC personnel, Lab personnel
  • Experienced Production and Operational Management
  • An ISO 9001:2015 certified facility
  • Stringent EHS regulations, procedures and processes
    • HAZMAT Shipping
  • A variety of scale up equipment
  • Specialized processing equipment
    • 50-5000 gallon mixing equipment
    • Planetary mixers
    • Low to high shear mixing
    • Low to high viscosity
    • Bulk storage tanks
  • Advanced quality testing instrumentation

Low Shear

  • Stainless Steel Vessels
    • Sizes available from 5 to 5,000 Gallons
    • Load cell equipped
    • Jacketed for cooling and heating
  • Materials up to 60,000 cP
  • Ideal for blending
    • Liquids with fillers and powders
    • Liquids

Medium Shear

  • Stainless Steel Vessels
    • Up to 3,000 Gallons and 100HP
  • Materials up to 50,000 cP
  • Ideal for blending
    • Liquid with fillers and powders

High Shear

  • High Shear Disperser Mixers, up to 100 HP
  • Range of disperser designs available
  • Vessel sizes up to 1200 gallons
  • Material up to 1,000,000 cP
  • Ideal for dispersing
  • Highly filled coatings and adhesives
scientist next to large aluminum tank

Clean Room Specifications

Toll production is available in a certified clean room, with options for custom processing equipment.

  • 22’ X 22’ x 11’ high clean room dedicated to toll manufacturing
  • Certified per IEST-RP-CC-006.3:2004, Federal Standard 209E, and ISO 14644-1:1999
  • The room is air conditioned is certified as Class 100,000 with changing room.
  • Can be upgraded to class 10,000 with additional HEPA filters.
  • 6’ wide x 10’ high overhead door to move equipment in and out as necessary.

Clean Room Inside Process Equipment

  • 75 Gallon 316 Stainless vacuum rated Mixing Vessel fitted with high shear disperser impeller.
  • 10E-1 torr vacuum pump to de-gas material during processing.
  • Calibrated electronic scales 4 times a year (per NIST handbook 44) to weigh raw materials and finished goods.
  • Pumps to add raw materials and package finished goods.
  • Filters for the raw materials and the finished goods.
  • 6’ wide Class 100 HEPA filtered work benchtop.
  • Conveyor to handle 55 Gallon drums or 5 Gallon pails

Clean Room Outside Process Equipment

  • Clean curtained area, adjacent to the clean room, to pump raw materials into the cleanroom through filters.
  • 5S and FIFO system to handle raw materials and finished goods and samples.
  • Calibrated electronic scales 4 times a year (per NIST handbook 44) to weigh raw materials and finished goods.

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