Custom Potting Compounds

If our Tough-Seal line of potting compounds isn’t right for you, we can design & make what your plant needs. Our business plan is built on the concept of working directly with each customer to establish a comprehensive engineering solution that optimizes both product and process.

Automotive Under-Hood

Key Polymer products have been developed to meet demanding under-hood applications. All exhibit the environmental durability required in these demanding applications, while viscosity, hardness, and gel times have been adjusted to the specific application.

Thermally Conductive & PCB Heat Dissipation

Encapsulated electronics generate heat. Thermally conductive potting compounds & encapsulates from Key Polymer dissipate heat.

UL94 V-0 Flammability Rating

A flame retardant solution is important in many potting applications and end uses. Key Polymer provides UL Listed, UL94 V-0 rated potting compounds developed from our urethane technology for a wide range of applications.

Colors Provide the Key

A successful Key Polymer product development led to substantial growth for one of our clients when Key Polymer provided the same product in a range of colors without changing the properties that were important to the application. They were able to market visibly differentiated product lines for each of their major customers.

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Tough Seal Potting Compound Packaging: Cartridge Systems and Bulk Dispensing

In this podcast with Melissa Mitchell of Key Polymer, we discuss the Tough Seal brand of potting compound, and packaging in cartridge systems and for bulk dispensing.

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Tough Seal Potting Compound: Adhesion to Housing Substrates and Wire Coatings

Melissa Mitchell of Key Polymer discusses the Tough Seal brand of potting compounds and its adhesion to housing substrates, such as aluminum, and wire coatings including Teflon.

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tough-seal label design
Why Tough Seal? Choosing The Right Potting Compound

In this podcast with Melissa Mitchell of Key Polymer, we discuss choosing the right potting compound for your application, and why Tough Seal might be the right choice for you.

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