A new line of non-fogging, clear potting compounds for polycarbonate LED lighting.

Key Klear-Seal

Many of our customers reached out and told us they were looking for a potting compound with properties similar to our Tough-Seal Potting Compounds, but optically clear for use in LED, solar, and other electronic applications that require a clear sealant to allow for light to pass through. Key Polymer has answered the call, and has created Key Klear-Seal, a new non-fogging, clear potting compounds for polycarbonate LED lighting.

Klear-Seal 82

KEY PC2082AB is an optically clear, water white, non-fogging potting compound and sealant that is ideal for interior and exterior LED and Solar applications, or applications that require a visual window through the potting compound.  KEY PC2082AB aggressively adheres to clear polycarbonate, FR-4,  and printed circuit boards without the need for a primer.  KEY PC2082AB is resistant to SKYDROL and DEF automotive fluid, and passes ASTM E595 outgassing making it suitable for aerospace applications and high temperature emergency lighting.  KEY PC2082AB is UV stable for outdoor applications. KEY PC2082AB features a low viscosity for flowing around intricate circuit board components and a convenient 1:1 by volume ratio for meter-mix equipment and easy to use handheld cartridges.

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