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Our technology range include acrylics, epoxies, and urethanes which are mainly used in the industrial, automotive, aerospace, electronics, transportation, manufacturing and infrastructure segments. Learn More about us below.

About Key Polymer

Key Polymer, founded in 1959, manufactures a broad range of custom, private labeled and contract manufactured (toll) adhesives, coatings and other chemical compounds in its ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. The business occupies a 165,000 square foot manufacturing facility on 10 acres in Lawrence, MA. Our technology range include acrylics, epoxies, urethanes and butyl rubber wax blends which are mainly used in the industrial, automotive, aerospace, electronics, transportation, manufacturing and infrastructure segments.

Key Polymer has the capability to handle high volume, complex products. We can mix, disperse, compound and blend a variety of viscosities. We are accustomed to working with both large and small customers and can even support color matching needs. Through a robust product development strategy, we have the capability to design and develop ‘new to world’ products and techniques in our state-of- the art laboratory.

quality management and ANAB logos
quality management and ANAB logos

KEY Sustainability

At Key Polymer, we are committed to following policies, procedures, and practices that reduce our environmental impact on our operations, products, and community. We strive to meet and exceed all applicable legislation and codes of practice.

Through efficiencies, technology, and science we are always working to reduce our waste stream. In fact, we often reformulate products in order to receive the most environmentally sound results.

Solar energy plant

You can rest assured that we practice what we preach: a significant part of all our energy comes from our 2600 rooftop solar panels and we’ve installed facility-wide motion sensor LED lighting. We also maintain an onsite wastewater treatment facility where all water used in production is recycled for further use—there is no production-based water that enters the city’s water system. Finally, in an effort to reduce our waste, we reuse and/or recycle packaging supplies for a variety of customers.

As we continue to make strides toward becoming a more sustainable company, we encourage all of our customers to join in our efforts! When we all make the decision to protect the environment, we, in turn, protect our communities.

KEY Quality

Quality is in everything we do. It is integral to our working practices and critical to the success of our business, profitability and sustainability. We do not take short cuts or end around’s. Our goal is to get it right the first time.


We highly value the contribution of every employee. We will always treat employees with dignity and respect while fostering a positive and cooperative workplace in which everyone can learn and grow. We will maintain a safe working environment complying with all statutory, regulatory, corporate and customer requirements.


We depend on our customers and are committed to providing them with efficient service and high quality products that always meet or exceed their needs. Our efforts extend to the order process, formulating, manufacturing, shipping and post shipment processes.


The Company’s management team is committed to showing leadership and being accountable for creating, implementing and maintaining our Quality Management System.

We will ensure there are sufficient resources, training and communication made available to achieve this aim.

Continuous Improvement:

The Company is committed to our Quality Management System (QMS) of continuous improvement through application of the principles, processes and practices in accordance to the framework in ISO 9001:2015. We will measure the performance of our processes and activities to provide data to support decisions on how to fix problems and improve our processes.

Key Principles:
  • Ensure none of our activities harm our employees or the environment
  • Govern and manage our business activities responsibly
  • Identify and manage risks across the business to acceptable levels
  • Provide the resources needed to ensure achievement of our business objectives
  • Protect the company’s assets from threats, whether internal, external, deliberate or accidental
  • Work in partnership with all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, regulators, partners, and shareholders) for mutual benefit.

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