KeyPolymer SmoothMove

Furniture Van Epoxy Floor Finish Kit

How To Apply SmoothMove
to Your Moving Van Trailer Floor

SmoothMove is the moving industry’s go-to solution for trailer floors that are beautiful to look at, easy to load and offload and incredibly durable. Ideal for sliding furniture and other items like poly bagged mattresses.

SmoothMove is both a reinforcing gap filler and bright smooth topcoat for van flooring. The floor surface is a pure epoxy surface. It is a solvent-free, VOC-free epoxy floor coating product and that meets today’s safety and environmental requirements.

Successful moving companies know: appearance matters in the moving industry. Customers care about the condition of moving trailers and floors are especially important because they touch everything your customer is relying on you to protect.

SmoothMove produces an incredibly durable high-gloss, high-slip floor coating. Easily applied with a squeegee and a high quality thin nap roller that are included in the kit, Smooth Move can be put down in under two hours, with the trailer floor cured and back in operation the following day.

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