Wherever working conditions are harshest, the Tough-Seal line stands up to punishment that causes other encapsulants to fail.

Tough-Seal protects mission-critical components against:

Engineers and maintenance supervisors who specify Tough-Seal improve the reliability of their products, reduce costly downtime, limit liability and keep equipment out of the repair shop and on the job.

Got a Tough-Seal Application?

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Success Stories

Agricultural Machinery

On farms and ranches, everyday conditions that cause breakdowns can be more extreme than those encountered in many industrial environments. And unlike a factory setting, you can’t call maintenance when “you’re on the back 40.” Temperature changes, UV, rain, dirt and corrosive fertilizers – all facts of farming life – can attack equipment and are especially hard on circuitry. A growing use of automation and computer systems on farm equipment places the sensitive electronics of the modern farm in harm’s way.
Tough-Seal is an excellent choice to protect sensitive and expensive electronic device to “keep you in the clover.”
A manufacturer of GPS-guided irrigators turned to Tough-Seal when the sealant originally chosen to protect circuit boards failed from exposure to elements.

Commercial Refrigeration

The hazards of thermal cycling are particularly acute for manufacturers of industrial freezers and refrigerators, where failure can lead to heavy loss and liability. Well-sealed circuitry is key to regulating temperature and air flow, but in an environment of extreme temperature ranges, breakdowns, data integrity and product perish-ability are a constant concern.
A major producer of industrial refrigeration equipment specified Tough-Seal as its preferred encapsulant after a year-long investigation into the cause of malfunctions in temperature sensors & controllers.

Oil Drilling and Mining

Mines, oil and gas fields are notoriously rough work places and electrical connectors are particularly vulnerable in these environments. Chronic problems in such places as power connections that are prone to moisture buildup from from pressure washers and there is also an issue of moisture getting into cable seals, causing shorts. In these far flung work environments, maintenance crews can’t blow it with a urethane that foams instead of seals in a humid environment. Tough-Seal works and its available in convenient no hassle cartridges. Point & Shoot! Seal & Repair!
A global drilling contractor and service provider has resolved the issue of power cable failure by filling the backside of connectors with Tough-Seal.


Thermal cycling resistance and sealing out the environment is important to maintain reliable electronic snow making controls. Ski resorts rely on snow making to open sooner and to extend the season. Modern snow making systems rely on computer integration, video monitoring, weather sensors, solar power connections, automatic valves and water control actuators. This growing trend toward automation has brought circuit connections high up the slope and exposed them to harsh temperature swings. Tough-Seal can protect them from costly down time.
And who wants to jump on a snowmobile at 3 am and head up the mountain to manually turn on the snow blowers when the typical encapsulant cracks in the cold and kills the automation?
Ski resort maintenance engineers swear by Tough-Seal to restore snowmaking circuits that fail when the sealant cracked at sub-zero.

Underwater Lighting & Circuity

When circuitry must live in water, total encapsulation is a make-or-break factor. Tough-Seal is a proven solution to survive in applications where pressure, temperature and the constant corrosion of salt water work their way in and short you out.