Potting / Encapsulating Compounds ― Epoxy & Urethane



Potting electrical & electronic components for premium thermal cycling performance.
  • High Elongation Epoxy
  • Low embedment stress
  • NO Exotherm / NO Shrinkage
  • Aggressive aluminum adhesion
klear seal

Key Klear-Seal

Non-fogging, clear potting compound for polycarbonate LED lighting.
  • Electronics & LED Assembly Adhesive
  • Non-Fogging, UV Stable
  • Optically Clear
  • Aggressive Adhesion to Polycarbonate & FR4
Key Klear Seal
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Custom Potting Compounds

If Tough-Seal isn’t right for you, we can supply a wide range of specialty products or develop one for your application.
  • Automotive under-hood
  • Thermally conductive
  • UL94 V-0 flame retardant
  • Color-matched
Custom Potting Compounds


Introducing Key Polymer’s epoxy and urethane potting and encapsulating compounds. Our solutions can help you!

PC2072 Clear

Key Klear-Seal – Clear Electronics & LED Assembly Adhesive and Sealant

Introducing new Key Klear-Seal – our newest flexible, clear potting compound and sealant. UV Stable, and great for electronics, solar, LED assemblies, and more. It’s the same quality potting compound that you’ve come to expect from Key Polymer, now with even more applications.

Learn more about Key Klear-Seal.


Tough-Seal – For Premium Performance in a Wide Range of Applications

Bulldog Tough and Bred to Grip and Protect, Under the Most Aggressive Conditions!

Tough-Seal is our premier technology for potting electrical and electronic components when premium thermal cycling stability is required. Tough-Seal delivers low embedment stress while curing and during thermal cycle from -40 C to 150 C.

See how Tough-Seal can help you.


Potting and Encapsulating Products for Specific Requirements

If Tough-Seal isn’t right for you, we can design & manufacture what your plant needs. Our business plan is built on the concept of working directly with each customer to establish a comprehensive engineering solution that optimizes both product and process.

Discover our speciality compounds for your application.