Lawrence, Mass. – Finding a better way of doing business isn’t something new for Key Polymer. Now the manufacturer of specialty adhesives and chemical compounds has found yet another way of improving the bottom line, while aiding the environment through the energy efficiency programs offered by National Grid. In addition to installation of energy efficiency lighting fixtures in its facilities, the company is working with National Grid on a new Building Automated System (BAS), which Key Polymer and National Grid estimate will save Key Polymer nearly $14,000 in annual electricity costs.

“National Grid has become our partner in energy management. They are an invaluable resource not only in energy delivery, but in helping us find innovative ways to save on our energy bills.”

– Robert Baker, Key Polymer president

In addition to the annual energy savings, National Grid will provide incentives that will offset nearly one-third of the installation cost of the BAS, allowing Key Polymer to recover its investment in three and one-half years.

“We currently have programmable thermostats throughout our building. Reprogramming is uncontrolled, must be done at each unit and does not account for occupancy or equipment or building utilization,” said Mr. Baker. “The new system manages the thermostats in each office, laboratory, meeting room and public area from a central control program. We’re expecting significant savings from the new system.”