Repair a DAMAGED Trailer Floor


Repair Daylight Cracks and Deep Gouges


Restoration of some damaged wooden trailer floors often requires filling of deep gouges and cracks consistent with long-term wear and tear.

  • CrackFiller is Formulated to handle tough filling applications

  • CrackFiller is Compatible with all of the KeyPolymer Floor Restore coatings.


For Restoring Your
Worn/Damaged Trailer floor you will need


Floor Restore is the only solution to reverse the deterioration of your truck or trailer floor.

  • Reverse the deterioration of your truck or trailer floor.
  • Fills gouges, small cracks, and delaminations, and
  • Waterproofs the entire floor to create a wood-epoxy composite.

ADD Optional

If you want to add traction
to your floor:


Key Polymer Floor Restore has a slip characteristic similar to that of a new wooden floor.

  • Apply to entire floor or only part of the floor. (Typically back 10’ of trailer)

  • Slip Stop provides traction similar to that of rubber.

OR ADD Optional STEP 3

If you need a Smooth
Finish for your Furniture Van Floor:


Key Polymer’s SmoothMove is the moving industry choice for the permanent refurbishment and protection of furniture van floors.

  • SmoothMove Easily applied with a squeegee and a high-quality thin nap roller, both supplied in the kit.
  • SmoothMove Seals and protects furniture van floors with a high-performance floor that enhances loading and unloading and has the “bowling alley” appearance that customers appreciate.