What KeyToll Can Do For You

KeyToll manufacturing is executed in a modern, fully equipped facility. We provide full external manufacturing capability for the liquid and paste materials that are used in a variety of technologies.

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From water-based coatings to two part epoxies, KeyToll expertise extends beyond blending processes to specialized packaging of intermediate and finished coatings, adhesives and other chemical materials. All of our toll manufacturing processes are customer driven.

KeyToll is Committed to Your Success

KeyToll technical and senior production staff work directly with you to evaluate your projects and provide cost efficient manufacturing outsourcing solutions. Our quick lab to scale-up production cycle is initiated by a cooperative and open dialogue with your team, within mutual confidentiality agreements.

Our commitment to quality guides our delivery of service and is supported by our ISO 9001:2008 registered quality management system. KeyToll knows that consistency, reliability and rigid process control are at the heart of your requirements.