Custom Potting Compounds

If our Tough-Seal line of potting compounds isn’t right for you, we can design & make what your plant needs. Our business plan is built on the concept of working directly with each customer to establish a comprehensive engineering solution that optimizes both product and process.

Automotive Under-Hood

Key Polymer products have been developed to meet demanding under-hood applications. All exhibit the environmental durability required in these demanding applications, while viscosity, hardness, and gel times have been adjusted to the specific application.

Thermally Conductive & PCB Heat Dissipation

Encapsulated electronics generate heat. Thermally conductive potting compounds & encapsulants from Key Polymer dissipate heat.

UL94 V-0 Flammability Rating

A flame retardant solution is important in many potting applications and end uses. Key Polymer provides UL Listed, UL94 V-0 rated potting compounds developed from our urethane technology for a wide range of applications.

Colors Provide the Key

A successful Key Polymer product development led to substantial growth for one of our clients when Key Polymer provided the same product in a range of colors without changing the properties that were important to the application. They were able to market visibly differentiated product lines for each of their major customers.